Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


How Stretching Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

You may already be aware of this but as men and women tend to get older they also tend to have problems with their back, and you will probably find that there’s a lot of different reasons for this back pain. The flexibility in some people’s backs can be a major contributor to anyone who suffers from back pain. You might be surprised to discover that by stretching every single day you are able to improve the elasticity in your back and help decrease your back pain.

I should also point out that the lives that folks live can also be a serious contributor to back pain. Something you ought to remember is that when folks play loads of sports throughout their lives, these are the folks who wind up having some of the worst back pain. Sometimes back pain could be brought on by an accident or a fall and these things are obviously unavoidable. Many doctors will wind up prescribing medication to help alleviate the pain in people’s backs, but you ought to be aware that a lot of medications have negative effects on the body. With really bad pain, you could need pain medication or perhaps a muscle relaxer, but in either case they just mask the pain, without experiencing the root cause of the problem. In the event you never get the issue fixed, but only deal with symptoms, the issue will never go away.

If you happen to be one of the folks looking to solve the cause of your back pain you might find that stretching can do this. The only issue with stretching is that it takes dedication and work and although it will work better and save individuals from being on dangerous drugs, most individuals would rather take a pill. One thing you are going to soon understand is that stretching is really a natural method to deal with your back pain and unlike the harmful medications it is going to not have the dangerous side effects.

When you get started doing stretching exercises, it will not only make your lower back feel better, but it will strengthen it in order to prevent future injuries. One of the risks of actually taking drugs to deal with your pain, is that your back may feel fine which could end up causing you to cause more harm to your back. You’ll also discover that doing various core exercises will also have the ability to strengthen both your stomach and back which will in turn lower your pain. The more your back has the ability to flex as well as bend, the less chance it’s going to be in pain. Doing exercises to keep your back muscles limber as well as flexible, will keep your body from tightening up on account of the stress you put on it every day. For more tips on back pain relief check out The Joint Chiropractic – Chapel Hill.

I should also mention that other aspects of your health can be greatly improved upon by stretching and doing core exercises. You must realize that when you’re exercising and stretching on a regular basis your cardiovascular system is in addition going to be strengthened improving your overall health. It will always be in your best interest to stay active and do stretching exercises, to be able to remain healthy and the next time you’re thinking about taking some pill, do some stretching exercises instead.

How to Use Natural Healing to Improve Your Health

Natural healing is often effective at helping us overcome a variety of health problems. There are many natural healing modalities, including exercise, homeopathic remedies and herbalism. Even if you are using conventional medicine, that doesn’t mean you cannot use natural methods too. Conventional medicine may not even be needed by the individual, once the natural healing of the body happens. Contemporary medicine is rather recent, and things like herbalism are many thousands of years older. Meditation, homeopathic cures, spiritual healing and naturopathic remedies are included in natural healing.

By studying at an institution that grants certificates or licenses, it is possible to become a well known natural healer. If you’re searching for a new career, this one has a number of possibilities today. There are a number of types of herbal, holistic and other types of healing in which you can become certified. As traditional medical treatments become increasingly expensive, more and more people are looking for alternatives. Nowadays natural healing is much more acceptable and respected than ever. There are lots of choices in terms of natural healing, such as different types of bodywork, Chinese medicine and the like. Having acupuncture done, and going to a chiropractor are two areas that have become acknowledged. We are also seeing the medical establishment at last accepting various kinds of alternative treatments as you can tell by numerous recent books, articles and web sites.

The internet has served to encourage the popularity of natural and alternative healing. There are lots of websites devoted to natural healing, as well as showing you where to find private practitioners in your local area. A lot of hospitals are now including holistic methods for patients who want to pursue this type of treatment. Healing has lots to do with detoxing and cleansing your body. The natural process of detoxification is very important, but sometimes it doesn’t work right, allowing toxins to accumulate inside your body. You have a lot of control over just how many toxins you take into your body, since this has to do with your diet and lifestyle.

The immune system must be enhanced to facilitate treatment. There are a number of things you can do to accomplish this, like avoiding fast food, especially those with preservatives, pesticides or other pollutants from the environment. You can take some supplements and exercise much more to keep your body in better balance. A number of serious health conditions can be avoided by keeping the body in a natural state of balance, and you will also have a lot more energy.

You can accomplish this by starting with a cleansing program or other convenient health program that promotes natural healing. What route you choose depends on your present state of health, as well as your budget and personal requirements. You won’t need to pay no attention to conventional medicine completely, because sometimes it is essential. Natural healing is getting quite popular for a reason, so it’s an excellent time to explore all it offers. Check out hormone replacement Fayetteville for more information about unconventional health programs.