Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


Tips When Looking for a Chiropractor to Treat Your Sciatica

If sciatica often makes your life miserable, you aren’t the only one. This malady afflicts people from all over the world, and in severe cases it makes it impossible for them to do even simple daily tasks. However, you don’t have to go on living life this way. By dealing with sciatica in the right way, you won’t have to be in chronic pain.

The practitioner who can best help you with sciatica is a qualified chiropractor. If you want to find the best chiropractor for your needs, keep the following guidelines in mind.

It will, usually and hopefully, not hurt to discuss your sciatica condition with other people with the same medical issue. Very often you can find the best doctor for you from patients who have received treatment from a good chiropractor. Don’t be shy to ask your friends or relatives if they can help you find a competent chiropractor. All you really are after is a referral from a former, or current, patient of a solid and well-trained chiropractor who knows what he or she is doing. Try to find anyone who “had” sciatica and it was taken care of, or at least someone who has found relief due to a qualified chiropractor. The best of both worlds is finding a cured patient and finding the doctor who did the curing.

Try doing a search on Google for chiropractors in your city and state, and you will be certain to find something with a list of names for you to check out. There are professionl review websites, and it’s possible to find all kinds of information on particular doctors and their practices, etc. There’s really no telling about the level of detail that is available. If the chiropractor is willing to put some money into a great looking website, you can bet that he takes his business, and his patients, completely seriously. Obviously, you must do this yourself and go by what you discover as well as your own feelings about any doctor. Check out chiropractor Charlotte Stonecrest professionals for more information.

Social networks such as Twitter or Facebook can help you find a chiropractor in your area who can help you with your sciatica. You can broadcast your need for a good chiropractor to your friends on Twitter and Facebook. This is a very efficient way to get the word out that you need a chiropractor. You may get a helpful response, or several, before you know it. We hope you will continue to read and research the best ways to locate a chiropractor for you sciatica pain relief.

What a Chiropractor Can Do to Help You

That are many medical ailments that can be assisted by a chiropractor who knows what he or she is doing. Chiropractic therapy has been around since 2700 B.C. and has been recorded in the orient as well as in areas around Greece. Long ago the Greek physician, Hippocrates, taught that the root of many diseases lies in the health of the spine. The neck and spine or only a couple of areas that a chiropractor can help you adjust. Most people think of anatomical problems involving body, or skeletal, mechanics are the only areas chiropractry treats, but that is not true at all. You are about to finally understand all that a chiropractor is really capable of.

Because of childhood diseases, many parents opt to get the services of a professional chiropractor to treat their children. Plenty of parents soon begin to understand that chiropractic care is adequate for their needs, affordable and provides quality.

Chiropractic manipulation and adjustments are not invasive procedures, don’t require the use of drugs and are very agreeable. Also, chiropractor services can be used to treat illnesses that involve musculoskeletal systems and the nervous system. Therapies for spinal manipulation that were created by chiropractic medicine has been very successful for treating children of all ages.

For many known reasons, chiropractors can treat acute conditions. This different kind of condition can happen because of childbirth trauma, sports accidents or injuries.

Often times, the joints of the spinal vertebra get misaligned and affect surrounding nerves and muscles. A chiropractor knows how to delete the pain by doing an adjustment or manipulation. Children have been cured for illnesses like neck and muscle pain, upper respiratory infections and really painful earaches.

What other ailments are chiropractors able to get rid of? People who have suffered through back and neck injuries have found that their pain goes away after an adjustment. Once a chiropractor has performed a proper evaluation of the condition, the doctor will then perform a chiropractic adjustment of the back and neck. Typically this involves several office visits over a certain period of time where he or she will make more adjustments. It depends on what the patient is suffering from, but most of the time the chiropractor can help the patient find relief almost instantly. But for lasting and more permanent relief the patient must have this performed more than once. Check out chiropractor Charlotte Arboretum for more tips.

This is only part of what chiropractors usually deal with. Oftentimes, a good chiropractor can make a patient feel better instantly, but there are instances when the patient must return later on. On the other hand, if you don’t currently suffer from anything, you should still find a chiropractor so that you can keep issues from popping up later.