Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


How Do You Find a Good Chiropractor if You Have Neck Pain?

Many people today, especially those who work in offices, suffer from long term neck pain. Yet there are other causes of neck pain besides poor posture, and the problem can be more serious than it seems.

If you have long term neck pain, then, you should not ignore it but seek a good chiropractor as soon as possible. The following advice will help you find a good chiropractor who can alleviate your neck pain.

Nowadays, people write online reviews for everything and everyone, including chiropractors, so you can always look up a chiropractor in your area and search for reviews. Keep in mind, however, that many people are more likely to post negative than positive comments, so you have to make up your mind about how justified any complaints may be. Of course, if a chiropractor has helped lots of people with their neck, back and other pains, you should also see some reviews reflecting this. In general, you probably want to stay away from chiropractors who have more people criticizing than praising them. Not all reviews, positive or negative, can be trusted, so you should read them and use your own best judgment about how seriously you should take them.

Your regular doctor may know of a good chiropractor for your neck pain, so you may want to pay him or her a visit even if you don’t want any conventional medical treatment for your problem. If your doctor doesn’t know any chiropractors, he or she will probably be able to think of someone who can give you a good recommendation. Remember that your doctor wants to see you healthy and he or she will never recommend anything that will do you more harm than good. When it comes to neck pain, your regular doctor will probably not try to convince you to take a drug or get some kind of surgery until you’ve tried chiropractic treatment.

When it comes to finding a chiropractor who can relieve your neck pain, your best bet is usually a personal referral. You have the best chance if you ask as many people as you can for a referral, and not only the few people who are closest to you. The fact is, anyone you encounter may know about a good chiropractor, whether it’s a co-worker or a trainer at your gym.

As a matter of fact, anyone involved in sports is a good possibility, as they are especially likely to visit chiropractors. Check out chiropractors Charlotte Stonecrest. Your best strategy, however, is to ask everyone, including the person who serves you coffee in the morning, as anyone could possibly supply you with the name you need. If you suffer from intense neck pain there is little reason for you to suffer through it just for the sake of it. Anyone who follows the above suggestions should have no trouble finding a chiropractor who can ease their neck pain.

Do Your Own Pedicures At Home: How to Do It

It has been established that there are numerous advantages to getting pedicures. Pedicures aren’t just for making your feet feel better; when they involve massage, pedicures are beneficial for things like reducing your pain, raising your circulation, and reducing your stress levels. Professional pedicures, however, are not something that most folks are interested in getting. Professional pedicures involve using the same tools that have been used on several other people and you aren’t able to tell whether or not those tools meet hygienic standards. The good news is that it is absolutely possible to do your own pedicures. So here’s how you can do your own pedicures without ever leaving the house.

Get rid of any nail polish with the help of a non-acetone polish remover (acetone is bad for your health). Clip your toenails straight across and use a nail file to file down any roughness. See to it that you trim the nails using a toenail clipper, not one for fingernails. The curved shape of the fingernail clipper can cause toenails to be ingrown and painful.

Soak your feet in water. Try to let your feet soak in warm water for at least a few minutes. Also, you can try mixing things to the warm water like bath salts, skin soothers and softeners and aromatherapy products. This makes your foot bath more relaxing and is a great way to indulge your feet to help them feel better. Almost every bath and body aisle of every store sells things to make a foot bath better. Naturally, some might cost a little more but go for the ones you like most.

Smoothen any calluses or rough spots that could be left behind after your foot bath with a pumice stone. Don’t use callus shavers or similar tools. Pumice stones work just fine here.

Wash your feet once you’re done with the pumice. When you have rinsed any pumice or callus dust as well as any foot soak additives that might be clinging on, apply some moisturizing lotion. There are all sorts of moisturizing lotions for the feet available. Don’t just rub in the lotion (but if you’re in a rush this is okay). Try massaging in the lotion if you have the time to do so. Massaging works to relax not just your feet but the rest of your body too.

Once your feet are clean, without any calluses and moisturized, it is time to prep them to be gorgeous. This isn’t vital but it can do wonders for your self-esteem to know that, even if they are enclosed in shoes, your toes are attractive looking. Try to use a cuticle pusher on your cuticles (avoid the cuticle trimmers because they can cause cuts and other problems). Your first layer needs to be a quality nail strengthening polish. Once the first coat has had the time to dry properly, paint whatever colors or designs that you like!

DIY pedicures can be done somewhat quickly and are usually less expensive than those that you would get professionally. They’re terrific for your body so start right now! what are you waiting for?