Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

  • Van Duesen Health and Wellness
  • Homes for Sale Johnston County
  • Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes
  • Preston Family Chiropractic
  • Clayton Hair Salon
  • And many more..

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


How to Age Gracefully

Aging doesn’t need to be a painful process, or something you fear. Growing older can actually be quite gratifying. Follow our tips that are helpful and you will see precisely how amazing aging can be. Read on to discover whatever you can do to enjoy the aging process.

Do not leave the home without sunscreen to avoid looking elderly quicker. The UV radiation from the sun can severely damage your skin and it’s also a leading contributor to your face looks. Also know that too much sun exposure may result in particular cancers so wear sunscreen every day.

It is vital to keep up on standard eye exams as we age. As we get older, our eyes age also and are more susceptible to diseases for example cataracts and macular degeneration. These states make driving more difficult and walking, which can then visit risk to others and ourselves and impair vision.

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are proven to be beneficial to skin. As it is both appetizing and nutritious, with that said, try and add seafood to your daily diet.

Take time to do something that you love every single day. You are going to look forward to doing it all again the very next day, should you make this a routine in your daily life. These matters will bring happiness to you and lead you to living a joyful life.

Laugh often and live long. Laughter is very good for you. It keeps the blood flowing and keeps your spirits high. It’s going to increase positive hormones in your body that will help to eliminate a number of the toxins in your blood flow.

As much harm as an excessive amount of sunshine can do, too little of it can also hurt. So you need to find a suitable SPF that will prevent damage without fully prohibiting your intake of highly beneficial sunshine! Prevent having age spots or dark spots on face, apply adequate sun protection.

Your body needs exercise to function properly, especially as you get older. Adding thirty minutes of exercise into your daily routine can not just keep you looking younger, but it can also extend your life. And don’t wait until you are already old to exercise, start as early as possible. It might sound strange, but our moms were right, do not lift your eyebrows.

Growing old isn’t difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style. Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve got quite a few thoughts on what you could do to help yourself as you get older. Should you apply the advice in this article, everyone will be wishing they could age as you have.

Why Get a Regular Facial Treatment

The skin is the leading protection of our body. It shields us from direct chilly from direct heat and even from disease. For this reason, it is extremely significant that we take great care of our skin in and outside. And as we get older, our skin becomes dry and saggy. It could no longer shield us the manner when we were younger, it can shield us.

Facials aren’t only done to make one appear lovely instead it’s carried out to make your skin healthy. It will help your skin seem not old as the cells in your skin are always rejuvenating due to facials, as you age. Facials are not just valuable to the elderly but for the younger generation as well because it makes your muscles business.

Facials come in distinct types because of the growing need of individuals. In the previous times, facials are only for  people who uses their appearances for a living or people who are able to manage. However, as time goes by, individuals have subsequently accepted the notion that facials in not only a need instead a requirement. All of us have to keep in mind that beauty isn’t all physical look as it’s more than look as the gains your skin might get from facials.

Facials can elongate your skin making your face relaxed. Facials can alleviate the stress in your face that makes you appear younger and energetic. In addition, it encourages better circulation in your skin so getting cleared of marks, dark spots and acne.

Also, facials can encourage healthy skin and better look. Having self-confidence in everything you do makes you tensed and less pressure thereby preventing anxiety. We all should be constantly aware that stress may cause health issues. And to most girls, by having an unpleasant skin, they are stressed out. It may also cause depression to some that’s why taking good care of their skin is one feature that is significant.

Facials might not be necessary to other folks but you’ll the understand that there’s more reason to treat yourself with facial should you go past the advantages of facial. Remove the outermost layer of your dry, dead skin cells. Reveal younger, healthier-looking skin and try microdermabrasion in Cary NC.

Healthy Ways to Lose Those Extra Pounds

When we gain extra weight, the idea of going through the steps to lose it can be quite daunting. Weight loss has gotten a bad rap over time, as being complicated and hard. If you understand some key components which are involved in the process, slimming down is simple.

A sedentary life results in health problems, one of those being weight gain. Our bodies were not intended to sit for hours, yet most people have. Sitting for that can result in back problems. Go utilize the restroom, get a drink of water or talk to a coworker. It can help you boost your metabolism. Your body will thank you for it.

A useful hint for anybody attempting to lose weight is to prevent relying on processed foods that boast about being fat-free. It’s usually the case that as a way to remove the fat from such products manufacturers add extra sugar so that the items have a pleasant taste. This generally ends in additional calories, often in excess of those featured in the regular, full fat versions of the same merchandise. Those extra calories only serve to hinder weight-loss attempts. You will be kept by packing a lunch from packing on those pounds.

Take a while in the evening or the morning before work to prepare a healthful lunch to take to work with you. In striving to lose excess weight, don’t over do it. Make changes gradually. Should you change your lifestyle dramatically, yes, you’ll lose weight, but will you stick to it? Slowly introduce changes into your life, and you will be more inclined to stay with it for the long haul.

Make use of the Internet if you’re trying to lose weight! Sure, you can learn about diets online but it is even better in case you join an online weight-loss community or forum. Diet newsgroups offer you the opportunity to help others by sharing your own experiences and can help you stay motivated. There is an online community for virtually every diet.

Were you aware that dining with others would help you consume less food than those who dine? The social interaction with other individuals while eating a meal is truly an excellent approach for those who want to slim down. Planning meals with friends and family a number of times a week will enhance your strategy to slim down and keep your fitness program.

Talk to professionals. You can consult with a dietitian in your area if you want to be more specific with your calorie counting. Also, there are plenty of reputable clinics that offer safe and effective treatments for losing extra weight. For expert weight loss Raleigh NC services, check out our friends from

It is potential, although the procedure for losing weight is a daunting effort. The initial step in the journey is always to train yourself on the correct way to go about it. There are easy and effective things which you can do to increase your odds for success. Use the guidelines presented here to help you along the way.

Chiropractic Care and Work Injury Treatment

We all have different areas of occupation, and at the close of the day, the work we do applies a specific level of pressure on our bodies. Manual actions often strain the back and the muscles in particular. The pressure exerted on your own body by the activities you participate in every day depends on the intensity of the activity. For example, somebody who works out in the lawn or in the dock is going to strive a good deal more challenging than the cook or the man behind a computer. Even modest activities like scribbling on paper can cause strain as long as they can be done repeatedly.

We’re fairly familiar with chiropractic work injury treatment. The truth is, all we do is nurse people injured at the workplace back to health by a mixture of methods that have consistently proven true and effective. Over time, they grow feebler and the problems only keep growing. The capacity to work or even move around becomes diminished and minor strains become aggravated issues.

The most dangerous aspect of back injuries suffered in the work scenario is they influence a raft of body parts. The ripple effect of one sprain is felt all through the back, and this also intensifies the pain for the individual. Strains are a particularly huge problem because they always seem like they will go right over and out of our bodies. The problem is they stay. As additional pressure piles, the patient’s skill to manage jobs become decreased and other medical complications start cropping up. Disc issues may also undermine your capability to work.

Chiropractic work injury treatment processes consider the neck as a vulnerable region of the body. Think about all of the times you’ve had to crane your neck on the job. All these prevalence are dangerous and can have serious ramifications if not checked by a qualified chiropractor. Constantly keep in mind that work does not need to come at the expense of your health. We understand everything there’s about neck problems and we’ll always assist you to manage them.

Joints connect the cellular parts of your body. In a nutshell, without your joints, you will find it horribly painful to even simulate freedom. Your body will soak up all of the pressure at first but ultimately, the results are scary.

Our manual treatments are made to assist you recover entire mobility in aggravated situations. We also rehabilitate soft tissue so that your mobile functionality returns in full. In certain situations, home care plans are afforded, but this largely depends upon the situation at hand and the interests of the Client.

Even the least intensive jobs take their toll on us. The single way you can ensure perfect muscle and joint health is by making regular visits to professional chiropractors. Speaking of professional chiropractic care, you can check out TheJointNC. They provide reliable chiropractor Raleigh NC services to treat/alleviate back pain, neck pain, migraines, arthritis and many other symptoms.

Choosing the Best Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is exceptionally prominent in this day and period of anxiety and quick moving lifestyles. Knead treatment could be powerful at mitigating strained muscles and a throbbing painfulness. It is likewise utilized within games for game wounds.

Knead treatment includes controlling the body with weight utilizing different developments including plying, hacking and rubbing. These systems are fundamentally connected by the hands, yet a few treatments including utilizing elbows, knuckles, lower arms and feet and are utilized when the hands cannot give a powerful back rub.

Massage is well known for its cooling impact on the body and discharge, however, does not settle a pressure issue. Typically strained muscles occur because of awful carriage and nowadays numerous massage treatments, including rolling, incorporate postural arrangement inside their help.

Aromatherapy is massage that uses crucial oils added to the massage oil. Vital oils are breathed in and messages are transmitted to the limbic framework that influences your anxiety levels, heart rate and various different things. Vital oils are additionally retained through the skin. Every key oil has an alternate impact and has diverse mending properties. A few oils quiet, some are inspiring and others give vitality. This kind of back rub is suited to issues of anxiety and feeling. So on the off chance that you are candidly charge or/and carry on with a distressing life this sort of massage is ideal for you.

This kind of massage takes a shot at the head and neck. Customarily it was a head and hair knead however has been stretched out in the Western world to fuse neck, shoulders and upper back. The Indian head back rub aides unwind the slight layer of muscle blanket the head serving to assuage anxiety and nervousness.

Thai Massage is a delicate kind of massage. It includes delicate extending, pulling, twisting to help and control the stream of basic vitality in the body. Thai massage concentrates on back rub channels and focuses and this is a back rub that the specialist will utilize feet and elbows and also hands.

True enough, massage therapy is the best way to soothe muscle pain and even stress. It can make you relax and feel good in the inside and on the outside as well. Why not schedule your next massage relaxation session? Reap the wonderful health benefits of getting a good massage. f you’re looking for the best massage therapists Cary services, check out Nirvelli Day Spa

Short Hair Cuts Are Sexy!

Now, to start with, what’s Hair Made of?

Hair is composed mainly of proteins (88%). These proteins are of a tough fibrous kind known as keratin. Keratin protein is comprised of what we call “polypeptide chains.” The word, polypeptide, comes from the Greek word “poly” meaning many and “peptos” meaning digested or broken down. In essence, if we break down protein, we’ve got individual amino acids.

Many amino acids joined together form a “polypeptide chain”. Two amino acids are joined together by a “peptide bond”, and the right number of amino acids placed in their own correct arrangement will form a specific protein; i.e. keratin, insulin, collagen and so on.

Short Hair Cuts! Hot Designs!

Short hair cuts reflect self-assurance, readiness to take new challenges! That’s a clear turn on. Nobody wants to be the old-fashioned, boring and demure type of gal! We would like to be viewed as a person who rises to the challenges of today’s society! And a sexy short cut says it all!

Bobs can be custom cut and colored to enrich any type, texture or length of hair and are consistently a short hair design constantly in high hair trend.

The proper bob design, like a beveled bob, can also work with any face contour. Alterations can be made to span, the knock or fringe area and layers to play some attributes up and minimize others.

Keeping Hair Moisturized

Hair typically has a moisture content of around 10%. The important thing would be to increase the hair’s ability of attract and retain moisture, if your hair’s moisture content drops below this level. This is accomplished by using moisturizers. Great one have “humectants” that not only replace lost moisture but actually attract moisture and keep it in the cortex of the hair. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are excellent moisturizers.

Regardless if you’re growing your layers between hair cuts out or growing them out to one span on a long-term basis, create texture in your tresses to immediately blend the layers into the rest of your design. Haircuts in Clayton NC offers just as any hairstyle you want, be it Bob or Pixie cuts – we can do it!

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit Clayton Hair Salon’s website – We encourage you to learn more about the various sexy short hair styles and get one now! But before you go running off for your crops that are short, do find out more about what kind of short hair designs matches your fact attributes! Come and learn more! Find the fashion that suits your absolutely! Call 919.795.6742

Tired of Dealing With Acne?

Perhaps you have looked in the mirror and discovered that your whole face is covered with acne? Perhaps your issue is on a scale that is smaller and it is only one little zit that will destroy your evening. All you actually need to do is get rid of your problem with acne no matter it. Which ones work? Which ones operate quickest? In this informative article we’ll talk about a number of the most famous tricks and hints which will be able to assist you to eliminate your acne issues.

Be sure to remember to clean your face when you aren’t in the center of an acne breakout. It’s vital that you get in a routine of bathing your face often.

Deciding areas can compel the bacteria to propagate, resulting in more blemishes. In addition, it can cause foul scabs and scars which are more difficult to cover up than the zit is itself.

Cucumbers are an excellent natural treatment for acne. Cucumbers can offer hydration to dry skin and quiet inflammation and irritation due to acne.

It’s vital that you keep in mind the powerful effect this can have in your skin if you’re utilizing an acne product that’s high in salicylic acid content. Remember to make use of just the sum that is directed, as excessive use can inflame your skin and cause more breakouts.

It’s possible for you to treat and prevent acne in several distinct manners using egg whites. You could also only take dab and a tiny bit on the pimple to stop swelling and redness.

Drinking water can help take the waste material that causes blackheads and acne out of work and your body . This can help clear your skin of blackheads and blemishes.

To help keep acne under control, alter your pillowcase daily. Your pillowcase picks up oils and dirt from your own hair and your face is in contact together with all that grime for hours a night. Purchase some additional pillowcases to get on hand thus do not have to wash the day.

Do not burst those zits! It may be quite tempting to squeeze and burst a pimple that’s glaring at you in the mirror, but doing this can force the puss deeper in the pore and cause inflammation as well as diseases. Instead, choose cold compresses and external treatments.

To minimize the probability of acne, make an effort to refrain from plucking your hairs. This can lead to bacteria becoming under your skin and get trapped, causing a pimple that is ferocious.

So there you’ve got it, some sure fire strategies for coping with acne. It is never enjoyable to discover your face full of zits and the faster you eliminate them, the better. For more beauty tips and how to get lighter skin, check out Beautiful Lighter Skin.

Understanding Proper Nutrition

Nutrition needs might change, based on any your sex, your body design or ailment you’ve got. Read the recommendations in the post below, to assist you to comprehend a bit more about nourishment, as a whole.

Vitamin B12 is a significant part a healthful diet. It plays a part in releasing energy from protein, carbs and the fat that you consume. It’s possible for you to discover this vitamin in poultry, eggs, fish, meat and dairy goods.

Be sure you follow the exact same guidelines which you inquire of them when contemplating nourishment for your son or daughter. This really is essential as you’ll have an incredibly hard time attempting to convince them they should do something when you, yourself don’t. And regardless of what you do, your child probably will learn whatever you’re doing only through their natural interest.

Nourishment is a science with some components that are objective. But there’s additionally a subjective aspect to nourishment. You must be aware of your individual needs in addition to rules that apply normally while analyzing nourishment. For example, a man who has celiac disease must avoid specific grains, while these grains might be fine for others.

Add more entire and cut up fruit to your diet plan. Your body is supplied by fruit, not fruit juice, with all the fiber it needs to ward off ailments like cancer and to work correctly. Fruit is an excellent source of important nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid. Cravings for sweets may also meet.

Let your kids that will help you prepare meals. The much more likely children are to eat the meal, the more concerned they are in the procedure. This is particularly true for things they might not wish to attempt, for example vegetables. It might make them more inclined to taste it, although it may well not make the like broccoli.

Milk is the greatest kind protein that is liquid you’ll be able to give body to you. Contemplate drinking two or three glasses of milk each day, instead rather than utilizing protein milkshakes to bulk up.

Make meals entertaining and satisfying to help get your picky eater to eat a healthy diet. Vibrant, brilliant foods could even be appealing to your son or daughter.

Apples are great for you as well as supply many healthful nutrients to your body. Eating an apple before dinner is likely to cause you to feel full quicker. You finally consume fewer calories and will eat less of your dinner.

Making spaghetti sauce for your family is not difficult and with a couple additional ingredients it may be more nutritious. Next time you make spaghetti sauce, try stirring in pureed baby food carrots or adding minced carrots. These ingredients will improve the flavor. Your family won’t ever see the additional veggies, but will reap the benefits of the additional nourishment.

Boost the number of veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts in your daily diet to help fight your acne problems. Deficiencies in minerals and the vitamins found in these foods are associated with a rise in acne issues.

Attempt a fresh spice, read a best-selling cookbook, or simply wander among the brilliant produce in the farmers market that is neighborhood to jump start new interest in eating healthful.

Occasionally, it’s difficult to keep on course with a healhty diet while traveling. There are times you will need to halt at a fast food restaurant. There are things that you can do in order to cut calories in the event you do. Additionally, if it’s possible to do so select a salad bar or broiled meats.

There’s no universal method of nourishment. Everyone’s needs may be distinct. You will certainly start to appear and feel better when you get into the practice of appropriate nourishment.

Divine Aesthetics, Inc.

Tina Lagrotteria of Divine Aestheics, Inc in Cary NCDivine Aesthetics in Cary NC is a great place to go for all types of skin beauty and health treatments. Ranging from the Ultimate Facial to an Express Facial, Divine is all about giving you the skin you deserve! Men, women and teens are all welcomed at this spa location. Services also include treatments to help clean your pores, skin resurfacing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, and other similar type skin treatments.

Waxing to get rid of all that unwanted hair is also available through this local salon owned and operated by Tina Lagrotteria, RN. Body waxing including leg waxes, facial waxing, eyebrows and more. If you like some of that hair and would just like it tinted a bit to eliminate your need for daily eye makeup (eyebrows and eyelashes), ask the estheticians at Divine about their tinting services. These tints are particularly good for people that contact wearers, athletes or any other situation where dripping/running makeup may cause problems.

Divine also offers the ultimate in sunless tanning. From a quick spray tan or their signature Rapid Tan treatments, if you’re wanting to look extra special without the dangers and concerns of regular tanning, you should contact them to setup your next appointment.

You can also find out more about other services like Laser Skin therapy at their website. Wrinkle reduction, skin tightening (think “lunch time facelift”), removal of scars, stretch marks, spider veins and more. Divine is definitely a place to call when you’re ready to get some beauty pampering and treatments!

Tina Lagrotteria of Divine Aesthetics, Inc.

Tina was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received a degree in nursing. She has been a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years, and is the Business Manager of Cary Healthcare Associates. She became a licensed esthetician in 2008 after graduating from the Miller-Motte Esthetics Program in the top of her class. Tina has had exhaustive training in every aspect of esthetics including facials, body treatments, waxing techniques, electrotherapy, sanitation and disinfection, skin biology, diseases and disorders, and professional development. Tina holds advanced certification in exfoliation, makeup application, hair removal, and microdermabrasion. She is certified in laser hair reduction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction and has an interest in acne and anti-aging treatments.

Learn More

Facebook: Divine Aesthetics
Phone: 919-859-7000

Homes For Sale Clayton – Teresa Byrd


Teresa Byrd – Homes for Sale Clayton

Teresa lives in Johnston County North Carolina with her husband and has been in real estate for over 20 years. She’s earned several appointments and serves on several committees with the Johnston County Board of Realtors. In 2012, Teresa went to Washington DC to meet with state officials viewing property taxes and how the legislature attempts dwelling values in the Johnston County and surrounding places.

Client-First Doctrine

There are a number of qualities and skills that go into being an outstanding real estate professional – integrity, in depth community and marketplace knowledge, marketing savvy, successful negotiation skills and a high quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how Teresa works.

clayton real estate

Having said that, in her experience as a Johnston County NC realtor, especially with homes for sale in Clayton NC, she has also found that providing the best service is essentially about putting her customers first. This means keeping herself accessible, being a good listener along with an excellent communicator, and responding quickly to your needs. She really likes to speak to new home buyers in Clayton. Introducing many of them to Clayton for the very first time, herself do everything possible to demonstrate them the houses for sale in Clayton that’ll fill all their needs – and that means listening to exactly what their demands are!

This “customer first” philosophy has always been Teresa’s strategy with home buyers and it demands her to consistently enhance her skills and manners of doing business. Moreover, Teresa has found that the latest technologies are empowering her to do everything she have consistently done, only considerably more rapidly and economically. They’ve also helped her to extend the variety of services I provide to my customers.

So when you decide that you looking to buy a house for sale in Clayton or want to sell a home in Raleigh, Clayton, Smithfield, Johnston County NC & surrounding regions, please contact Teresa Byrd. Read more for some of our favored customer testimonials.

Facebook: TeresaByrdRealtor
Contact: 919.369.2144