Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


Interesting Acupuncture Facts About Maintaining A Strong Body

The early Chinese medical experts discovered and mastered acupuncture for various physical conditions. However it wasn’t until recently, maybe a couple hundreds years, that this mode of treatment made its way into Europe. The second portion of the twentieth century saw an explosion of information and acceptance of this peculiar approach to treating illness. Today, there continues to be a good deal of investigation on acupuncture around the globe. This has all led to the availability of acupuncture by Chinese professionals taught in China and certified to perform this service.

The tool of the this method are very thin needles that are positioned not very far into the skin. According to Chinese medical theory, there are very many uses and disease situations that can be successfully treated using acupuncture. On the other hand, we want to say that you should make a scheduled appointment with your primary medical professional before using this approach. Of course it is your judgement, but you never know what may be a problem which is the reason you should see your own medical professionsal.

Exactly where the acupuncture needles are put is clearly outlined according to Chinese medical theory. We have discovered that lines in the body, called meridians, are where the needles are introduced. These lines are positioned all through the body, and there are hundreds of acupuncture points. The official explanation of meridians is they are the channels whereby our life force flows. The needles are placed in those locations that match to the medical problem that exists.

As per acupuncture texts, it is the impediment, or increased resistance, of energy at a location that results in particular medical complications. The action of the acupuncture needles is to clean the obstacle to energy flow and regain health and well being. Painfulness caused by other conditions can be reduced using the exact same basis. There are many people who go through acupuncture treatments on a regular basis to handle pain related to a particular condition. If a person can encounter pain relief this way, then there is no need for taking pain relievers prescribed by medical doctors.

All of the various conditions and scenarios for which acupuncture may be helpful, or effective, have not been extensively studied. But there are several known circumstances such as help with stress connected headaches as a result of tension. Also those who experience migraine headaches report good levels of results with acupuncture. Additional benefits include things like being a safe choice, but it is very important you consult your doctor and seek a trained and licensed acupuncture therapist. Any possible side effects of acupuncture are very minimal, if any at all, but the most beneficial thing is to discuss that with a specialist. An added reason some people make use of this solution is in special circumstances when other methods of treating pain are not effective.

Seeking and Buying Effective Antiaging Products in Today’s World

If you are like many women (and not a few men) in the 21 st century, you regularly are on the hunt for effective anti-aging products. Each and every week, there literally are a number of different anti-aging products being introduced onto the marketplace. As a result, as you search for anti-aging products, it can be a rather confusing and complicated process in many instances.

If you are seeking an effective antiaging product at this point in time, there are a number of factors and pointers from that you should keep and bear in mind. First of all, products that contain antioxidants are valuable for their antiaging properties. Therefore, as you seek an antiaging product for your own skin care needs, be on the alert for those antiaging products that do contain antioxidants within their makeup.

In addition to looking for anti-aging products that contain antioxidants, you need to keep some other facts in mind as yo seek antiaging assistance. In this regard, you need to remember that you will need to develop an anti-aging regimen if you really want to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. To this end, you will want to obtain a number of different types of effective antiaging products.

You will want to ensure that your regimen includes cleansers that are designed to include antiaging properties. In this regard, you will want to avoid cleansers that dry the skin or that are too harsh.

In addition to cleansers with antiaging properties, obtaining an effective exfoliating product is also in order. If you want to keep your skin as youthful looking as possible, it is important that you remove accumulated dead skin cells with regularity.

As part of your anti-aging, you will want to include a moisturizer. Keeping your skin supple is a vital step in combating the effects of aging. Finally, you can avail yourself of some of the other anti-aging products that are available on the market such as toning and firming gels and creams.

By adopting a thorough skin care and maintenance program that you utilize on a daily basis, you will have developed a true antiaging routine. Further, you should start such a routine early in life for the maximum benefit. In the long run, your skin will be far healthier. Additionally, you will be able to better control the look and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through such a regular skin care regimen.

Of course, in the end, you need to understand that there is no Fountain of Youth. There are no skin care products that have anti-aging qualities that will reverse the sands of time. Rather, the best you can hope for when it comes to the anti-aging products that are available on the market today is to reduce some of the appearances that are associated with the aging process. Specifically, and has been mentioned, through a comprehensive antiaging regimen, you will be able to reduce the look of some fine lines and wrinkles.