Businesses Established and Run by Women

030319_1876_5185_xsmsAccording to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses comprised 4 percent of all businesses in the U.S. in 1972. Women-owned businesses grew to 28 percent of all businesses in the U.S. by the year 2002 (the last year for which census data is available). Clearly women entrepreneurs provide great value to the economy as well as employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

This site features the businesses in the Raleigh – Triangle area that are established and run by women. From massage to cheesecake, there are a plethora of very successful businesses in the area run by women. Some of the business we feature are:

It’s no doubt that there are many amazing women-run businesses, and we make it a point to showcase the very best. Browse this site for more information on the women run businesses in the Triangle.


Ways to Diminish Stress Levels at Work

Do you have a stressful job? And if you do, do you accept the stress as a normal part of your job? While it’s expected that you’d have some stress at work, it shouldn’t get so out of control as to affect your health. Stress not only impacts your health. It can keep you from advancing in your career as well. People who are stressed out are not usually at their best when it comes to critical areas like getting along with others, thinking creatively and solving problems. To help you reduce work related stress, we’ve identified some effective approaches that anyone can benefit from.

Did you know that your lifestyle has a direct impact on how well you can handle stress at work? So if your diet is healthy and you follow a regular exercise routine, you’re a lot more likely to be better at dealing with stress. A diet that’s healthy ensures that you won’t be sluggish during the day because your body is getting proper nutrition. And did you know that exercising is actually one of the best ways to reduce stress? Sure, you may already have a lot on your plate, but you need to make time for exercise even if it’s only for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Just a few hours of exercising a week will make a huge difference in how you feel. When you’re physically healthy, you’re better able to perform at work and deal with any stress you face there. You may be stressed because you’re always doing things for people or taking on extra work. Is it difficult for you to say no when a co-worker asks you to do him or her a favor? You need to learn to say no from time to time. You shouldn’t take on more than what you can handle at work. Another source of stress for you may have something to do with delegation. Your stress levels are certainly going to be high if you never learn to delegate tasks to other people.

Learn to pick wisely the battles you want to fight. You’ll be better off avoiding getting into unnecessary conflicts in your job, whether it’s with your co-workers, your manager, your subordinates, or difficult customers. Compromise is much better for your stress levels than arguing unnecessarily. Just let it go if the issue is not important at all. Analyze your own behavior if you’re always at odds with people at work. It takes two to tango, as the saying goes, so it could be that you are always pushing their buttons. It’s just a waste of your time and energy getting into arguments or conflicts in the workplace when there isn’t anything of significance in it for you. Check out Cary massage therapy for relaxing tips.

Stress is, for many people, a serious problem, and for most people, it originates from work. But regardless of how stressful your work environment is, you can do things to help reduce your stress. Consider looking for a new job if you can’t imagine yourself feeling better.

Hydrotherapy: Facts You Should Know About This Treatment

It has long been known that hydrotherapy is a positive treatment for a variety of purposes. This is something that has been used for things like stress and anxiety as it effects the body and other issues. The modality of treatment really is based on the problem for which a person seeks help. So we can go deeper into hydrotherapy and talk about how it may apply to you.

Most people do not see taking a shower or bath as a kind of hydrotherapy but sometimes it does just the trick. If you have any type of soreness or joint pain, for example, taking a hot bath can be one of the best things you can do. This can also be helpful for respiratory problems, such as when your nose is stuffed. If you also have a cold or have a fever, it’s important to be careful about making sure that the room is warm enough as well so that you don’t get the chills when you get out of the water. Cold showers and baths, on the other hand, are great if you want to relieve fatigue and give yourself a quick shot of energy. Some people find this very useful when they get up in the morning. One of the most tried and true methods of dealing with insomnia is to soak in a bath that is lukewarm or has cooler water.

One of the most natural forms of hydrotherapy involves taking a bath in mineral springs. There are natural springs that happen all over the place. They are high in mineral content, and the temperature of the water may be hot, cold or in between. Bathing in mineral springs has long been recommended by holistic doctors and others, and many people still believe in its effectiveness today. In some locations, spas have been built around natural mineral springs. If you do not live close to a mineral spring, you can create your own by making a bath that utilizes mineral salts. This can be extremely relaxing and refreshing, whether you have a particular ailment or not.

Your body will respond to hydrotherapy in many ways, and you’ll feel better in ways you won’t be expecting. For example, your doctor or physical therapist might recommend spending time in a whirlpool if you have a back, shoulder or other type of injury. No doubt about the fact that you will emerge feeling much more relaxed. When you are relaxed on a high level, then it ripples out into your body.

Each of the things we have talked about here can help increase the number of benefits you get from hydrotherapy. People have used water for healing for practically ever. Hydrotherapy can be simple like a shower or a bath, or it can be complicated like the whirlpool services offered by your local spa or healing center. Not into water therapy? Check out chiropractors Cary experts. Whatever route you choose to follow, you will find something that you find therapeutic and calming.